SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

The internet marketplace is vast and extremely competitive. To shine through and be successful requires developing a relationship with the top search engines, and knowledge of how they work. The significance that Google, Bing and Yahoo can play in having an online presence should never be undersold. Search Engine Optimisation needs to be viewed as an essential part of your business plan.

See the click ratios of Google in the diagrams below:

SERP Click DistributionHeat Map of Google SERPSGoogle listings, including Youtube carry the vast majority of internet traffic. By not ensuring your website remains prominent on the search engine results pages, you are gifting your competitors the business that should be going your way, as customers visit the most dominant sites. 88.36% of internet users visit the sites featured on the first 5 pages of search engines. Its easy to see why ranking highly in the Search Engine results is so vital for your Business success.

Improving your search engine listing can increase visitors to your site, strengthening that bridge between your customers and your company.

The process of search engine optimization is now a key part of any internet business model that every serious company needs to address in order to compete.

The expert team at Squeeze media have many years experience in developing SEO techniques and having worked with all the major search engines have extensive knowledge of their systems.

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