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Lambeth Flash DevelopmentIs there still a place for Flash on the web?

With the ipad and iphone dominance of the market, Flash has found itself facing a position of near- redundancy (as a website platform) as it is currently unsupported by Apple products.  From a SEO perspective, search engines don’t react favourably to sites solely created in Flash and developers are shifting their attention towards HTML5 and JQuery. So with better options available, is there still a place for Flash to exist on the web?

Whilst Squeeze no longer advocate’s the use of Flash to build entire websites, we do believe that when used effectively, it can still enhance the user experience. Flash does still have its uses however and because it is based on a programming platform there are no limitations on what you can create with the software. Banner advertising, games, CD ROMs and USB presentations are just a handful of uses in which Flash really demonstrates its brilliance and to great effect.

Squeeze have many years experience using Flash in an effective and refined manner to create engaging and interactive projects.